The 121st Canton Fair will start on the 15th of next month and Yinfeng Plastic  will attend the first and second exhibitions. We look forward to seeing old friends at the Canton Fair and looking forward to seeing more new friends.

We will bring you the products we produce as samples of the show, including: warning tape, dust cover, mattress cover, car cover and so on.

Booth information

Yinfeng Plastic booth Y

Participants are as follows:

Phase one:

Darren Wang(王德仿)Tel: 18530860539  Skype:defwang  Wechart:defw318

Ali Hou(侯爱亮) Tel :18530860572 Skype:ailiang.hou  Wechart: ywxk-001


Phase two:

Petrer Pan(潘亚楠)Tel:  18530860523 Skype: petersino1  Wechart: PYN-007


 About Canton Fair

canton fair canton fair

The Import and Export Fair, that the Guangzhou Fair, referred to as Canton Fai. Founded in the spring of 1957, held every year in the Spring and Autumn in Guangzhou, from 2016 has been 59 years of history, China is currently the longest history, the highest level, the largest, the most complete types of goods, to the most merchants, The best comprehensive international trade event. Since the 101st April 2007, the Canton Fair has been renamed the China Import and Export Fair by the China Export Commodities Fair, from a single export platform into a two-way import and export trading platform.