The assessment experts conducted an on-site assessment of the Mayor Quality Award declared by Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd.

From September 25 to 26, Zhoukou City Mayor Quality Award evaluation experts Shi Jufei, Yue Gang, Zhao Yi and Zhoukou City Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau leader Zhao Xuejun and a group of 7 people came to Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. Provincial Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. applied for the Mayor Quality Award for on-site evaluation. Company leaders Sun Meiju, Sun Dongsheng, Chen Zhenfu, Sun Aiqin and heads of relevant departments participated in the review meeting.

The Mayor ’s Quality Award is the highest quality award established by the Zhoukou City Government. Its purpose is to vigorously promote the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the city through quality, continuously improve the quality awareness of the whole society, guide and motivate various industries in Zhoukou City to strengthen quality management, and accelerate the improvement of product quality, The overall level of engineering quality and service quality has promoted industrial revitalization. The Mayor ’s Quality Award is selected once a year. Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise in Huaiyang County to enter the on-site assessment this year. Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd., on the basis of the implementation of the overall quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system standards, timely follow-up on the development and changes of excellent performance management, comprehensively carry out excellent performance management and evaluation work, by promoting lean production, lean Advanced methods such as management and cost leadership have vigorously carried out activities such as "quality improvement", "integration", "lean improvement", "energy saving and consumption reduction", and have achieved remarkable results.

On the morning of September 26, the first meeting of on-site review was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. The meeting was chaired by Section Chief Wang Zhong of Zhoukou City Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. The review team leader Shi Jufei emphasized the purpose, scope, content, and basis of this review, and made a commitment to the company to keep confidential information. Sun Meiju, general manager of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd., on behalf of the company, expressed warm welcome to the experts of the audit team and the leader of Zhoukou City Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to visit the company's Mayor Quality Award for on-site evaluation, and introduced the company's implementation in the form of PPT The basic situation of excellent performance management.

After the introduction of the basic situation, the reviewing experts have conducted leadership, social responsibility and results, human resources process and results, customers and markets and results, finance, The four resources and results of infrastructure, information, and related parties, the technology development process and results, process management and results, measurement, analysis and improvement, and results are reviewed in a comprehensive manner, and a symposium is held to discover the existing advantages and highlights And the gaps and deficiencies that exist.

At the final meeting in the afternoon, the experts of the review team summarized the four outstanding results of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. in implementing excellent performance: First, a system of performance evaluation was established to improve work efficiency; Second, the technical level in the industry With certain advantages, Yinfeng Company insists on combining independent innovation with production, education and research, widely adopts new technologies and new standards, continuously innovates, and develops personalized products. The products reach the domestic leading level, and some products reach the international leading level; third, customer satisfaction The investigation work is outstanding; Fourth, the company has obvious advantages in product and market scale. In addition, the expert group also proposed improvements from five aspects: social management, production site management, human resources, document management, and system consistency management.

Subsequently, Sun Meiju, general manager of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd., expressed his sincere gratitude to the jury on behalf of Yinfeng. Sun Meiju believes that the jury's coming to Yinfeng Company for on-site evaluation is a comprehensive test of Yinfeng Company's implementation of the excellent performance model, which provides rare learning opportunities for Yinfeng Company to further promote excellent performance management. During this review process, each The reviewing experts pointed out the problems of the company with great perseverance, which benefited all levels of the company. Sun Meiju also said that Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. will take this on-site review as an opportunity to provide valuable opinions to the experts in the review, and will vigorously promote the excellent performance management model in the company in accordance with the requirements of the "Excellent Performance Evaluation Criteria" standard Implementation, continuously improve the quality of products and operations, enhance competitive advantage, and promote the company's sustained, rapid and healthy development of operations.

Finally, Zhao Xuejun, leader of the assessment team and deputy director of Zhoukou City Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, delivered a concluding speech. Zhao Xuejun said that the reviewing experts fully affirmed the outstanding results of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd.'s introduction of outstanding performance, and raised the problems that still exist in the company's operation. It is hoped that Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. will further establish a large quality awareness at a new starting point, effectively strengthen the practicality, urgency, and guidance requirements for quality management, and take effective measures to allow employees to actively participate in management. And to combine their own reality, learn from the advanced management experience of advanced enterprises. At the same time, it emphasizes that production safety is no small matter, and development must not be at the expense of personal interests.