Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. participated in the Beijing agricultural film industry observation seminar

From January 22nd to 25th, 2018, the overwintering tent observation meeting in the agricultural film industry was held in Beijing. Participants included President Zhang Zhenhe of the China Agricultural Technology Service Center, responsible persons of well-known domestic and foreign resin manufacturers Exxon, Dow Chemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Shanghai Hua Zhongrong, Shanghai Witten Chemical and other anti-fogging agents and dripping agents And the relevant person in charge of the insulation agent manufacturer, Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. and other well-known agricultural film companies. The main content of this meeting is to discuss the development direction of the agricultural film industry and the new additives.

After the seminar started, the participants first made on-site observation and comparative analysis of the PO coating films of various agricultural film companies. The long-term and high-yield PO film of Yinfeng Company was widely recognized by the participants. The long-acting and high-yield PO film produced by Yinfeng Company uses metallocene resin with high transparency and strength as raw materials, adopts multi-layer co-extrusion, internal coating and other advanced processes, and has a long service life, good life-long droplet defogging performance, and anti- The advantages such as strong electrostatic dustproof ability and long-lasting high-yield PO film have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad since their listing, and have received unanimous praise from consumers. After the comparative analysis of the PO film was completed, the participants visited the shed film test area in Beijing along the river and Yangfang, and had an intuitive understanding of several resins, silicon-based and fluorine-based anti-fogging agents at home and abroad. The price and performance advantages of each company are compared in detail to determine the test direction in 2018. Finally, the participants raised questions about the problems that occurred during the viewing process, and related experts gave detailed answers to this. In the course of this seminar, Yinfeng Company was recognized by President Zhang Zhenhe and other authoritative persons in the shed film industry, which means that Yinfeng Company has successfully ranked among domestic high-end shed film companies.

Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. participated in this seminar, provided support for Yinfeng to launch new products and solve new problems, and pointed out its direction for further development. The overwintering tent observation seminar also provided a platform for exchange and learning for related companies in the same industry, which is conducive to improving the quality of the industry's products and promoting the overall development of the industry.