South African customers visit Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd.

On October 14, 2016, South African customers came to Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. for an inspection. The delegation was received by Wang Liwei, Director of the Marketing Center, and Manager Huang of the Marketing Department. During the reception, the delegation visited the exhibition hall and agricultural film R & D workshop of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. in turn.

During the visit to the exhibition hall, Wang Liwei, Director of the Marketing Center, gave a detailed introduction to the development history, strategic planning, technical research and development, production process and other aspects of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. In-depth discussion.

After the exhibition hall visit, the delegation came to the agricultural film R & D workshop. The relevant person in charge of Yinfeng Company explained the Jinpu high-insulation PO film, EVA insulation greenhouse film, single-wing labyrinth drip irrigation tape and other products, and made a series of performance indicators demonstration. After the demonstration was completed, South African customers showed great interest in Jinpu PO film. Jinpu High Insulation PO film belongs to the three-layer co-extruded high-insulation high-light-conversion and production-increasing PO film series independently developed by Yinfeng Company. Adopting advanced technology such as multi-layer co-extrusion and internal coating, it has the characteristics of long service life and life-long droplet demisting performance. The products are exported to Western Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and are deeply loved by the market.

During the inspection, South African customers highly affirmed Jinpu High Thermal Insulation PO Film, EVA Thermal Insulation Greenhouse Film and other products and their research and development capabilities of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. and expressed strong cooperation to the responsible person. Willingness. This inspection activity laid a good foundation for Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. to expand its international market.