Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. won the title of "Model Workers' Home" in 2014

In March 2015, the trade union of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Model Workers' Home of the Year 2014" by the Huaiyang County Federation of Trade Unions.

Since its establishment in April 2009, the Yinfeng Trade Union Committee, under the leadership of the Huaiyang County Federation of Trade Unions and company branches, has strived to strengthen its own construction, constantly innovate working methods, actively protect the rights and interests of employees, and strengthen the cohesion of trade union organizations. It was highly affirmed by the county general trade union and industry trade union. In order to stabilize the workforce and promote production development, Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. has carried out the activities of "warming people's hearts", "five must talks" and "five must visits" over the years, which have received effective support from all employees. In addition, Yinfeng Company has cultivated employees 'sentiment and active employees' cultural life, and also carried out a number of cultural and sports activities to improve employees 'theoretical level and operational skills, and enhance employees' ability to participate in competition and resist risks.

Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. is currently a private enterprise that produces polyethylene plastic film products with the largest scale, the best quality, and the most complete product structure in Henan Province. It mainly produces various specifications such as shed film, mulch film, packaging film, and functional molds. Vinyl plastic film products. As a functional polyethylene film engineering technology research center in Henan Province, the Huafeng brand polyethylene three-layer coextruded long-life stream-drop anti-fogging EVA thermal insulation greenhouse film produced by Yinfeng Company has been recognized by industry authorities. The three-layer co-extruded flow de-fogging EVA insulation greenhouse film is made of high-quality metallocene raw materials and added with EVA insulation resin and other additives. It has the characteristics of long service life, long-lasting de-fogging performance, good insulation effect and high light transmittance. In the process of product sales, EVA insulation film has been highly concerned by consumers at home and abroad, and has been sold to more than 20 countries and regions and has been widely praised.

The title of "Model Worker Home" is the result of the efforts of all employees of Yinfeng. Yinfeng Company will use this recognition as an opportunity to strive to build the union of Yinfeng Company into "a well-organized organization, rights protection in place, work standards and functions The home of employees with "remarkable and employee trust".