Yinfeng Plastics has won a good reputation in the Canton Fair for 15 consecutive years

Recently, the 124th Canton Fair was grandly opened in Guangzhou. As the exhibition star of previous Canton Fairs and representatives of agricultural film plastic brands, Yinfeng Plastic carried Jinpu spectroscopic PO film, special geomembrane for culture, three-layer coextrusion longevity flow demisting EVA insulation A variety of agricultural film and plastic export products, such as greenhouse films, mattress covers, warning tapes, etc., appeared at this Canton Fair.

The Canton Fair, which has gone through 61 years, is the most important foreign window for Chinese manufacturing. It is called the "window" and "barometer" of China's foreign trade. It is not only the starting point for domestic enterprises to expand the international market, but also the cultivation and growth of China's independent brands. Important base. As the "Made in China" and the first batch of "going out" agricultural film plastic companies in China, Yinfeng Plastic also used the Canton Fair as an important battlefield to enter the international market. Since the first participation of Yinfeng Plastics in Canton Fair in 2004, it has been exhibiting at the Canton Fair for 15 consecutive years and used the platform of the Canton Fair to show the style of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. to the world.

At the scene of this year's Canton Fair, the types and properties of Yinfeng plastic products have become the focus of domestic and foreign merchants. Many international customers have praised Yinfeng Plastics, thinking that the types, product development and performance characteristics of Yinfeng Plastics all reflect the world-class standards. The staff of Yinfeng Plastics said that this Canton Fair is a comprehensive demonstration of Yinfeng Plastics' strong production capacity, high-quality plastic products and strong research and development strength in the past 25 years. At this Canton Fair, Yinfeng Plastics exhibited a variety of agricultural film plastic products that combine "environmental protection" and "high quality". The products have won many professional and domestic awards at home and abroad. enterprise.