Yinfeng held a collective morning meeting and advanced commendation meeting

On the morning of November 20th, all cadres and employees of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. gathered together to hold a collective morning meeting and advanced commendation meeting, summarizing recent sales performance, old belts and new conditions, achievement of production tasks and advanced VAVE advanced individuals. Deeds, on-site rewards for outstanding teams and individuals.

With the chorus "Lian Lian Lian", the commendation conference officially started

Commendation for the winning teams and individuals for sales tasks in September and October

Ministry of Internal Trade II

Get the first place in the September sales profit budget!

Won the second place in October sales profit budget!

A total of 3,000 yuan in cash rewards!

Domestic trade

Won the second place in the September sales profit budget!

Obtained the first place in the October sales profit budget!

A total of 3,000 yuan in cash rewards!

The Ministry of Foreign Trade Chen Xiaoyan obtained

First place in the Profit Contribution Individual Award in September!

Second place in the October Profit Contribution Individual Award!

A total of 700 yuan in cash rewards!

Dou Xiaojun won the Ministry of Foreign Trade

Second place in the Profit Contribution Individual Award in September!

First place in the Profit Contribution Individual Award in October!

A total of 700 yuan in cash rewards!

Winners of the PO Film Sales Awards in September: Ran Lingbo, Jiao Hongwei

Winners of the Drip Tape Sales Award in September: Cao Rui, Jiao Hongwei

Winners of the PO Film Sales Awards in October: Jiao Hongwei and Yang Chunqiu

Winners of the October Drip Tape Sales Award: Cao Rui, Jiao Hongwei

Recognition of Merit Characters with Sales Volume Exceeding Ten Thousand Tons

In October 2018, with the joint efforts and joint efforts of the production and sales departments, the company's cumulative sales volume throughout the year had a historic breakthrough-the annual task completion volume exceeded 10,000 tons!

Behind this huge achievement recorded as a milestone in Yinfeng ’s development, in addition to the brothers in the former sales department, it is also inseparable from the production department. 3. Trying to complete the outstanding contributions made in the delivery period, and it is also inseparable from the warehousing and logistics department to work overtime for timely delivery. Special reports are made to all production departments and warehousing and logistics departments, and each workshop director is rewarded with a high-end notebook.

Awarded outstanding workshop awards for workshop production tasks in September and October

According to the comprehensive completion rate of September and October of 2018 in the production department, the completion ratio of the production plan of the packaging film workshop ranks first among the various workshops of the entire production department, and the cash in the packaging film workshop is 1,000 yuan. The completion ratio of the production plan of the drip irrigation belt workshop ranks second among all workshops in the entire production department. Reward 500 yuan for cash in the drip tape workshop.

Recognition of internal introductions and advanced individuals in the past two months

In order to encourage old employees to actively recommend and train new employees, and promote new employees to grow as soon as possible, according to the company's internal introduction and the teacher and apprentice agreement reward method, cash rewards will be given to recommenders and masters who have arrived at the time node!

Recognition of VAVE advanced individuals in recent February

Recently, there have been many production task orders, especially the order for film cutting is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the labor efficiency is very low, which affects the timely delivery of some orders. After receiving the task of transforming the film cutting equipment, Jia Shoumin and Hu Baoan from the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering devoted themselves to the study and bold design. After repeated tests, the simple film cutting machine came into being. The original film cutting required 7-8 people, labor intensity is very large, now 3-4 people easily get it, which improves efficiency, and reduces the labor intensity of workers, that is small and flexible, and easy to use. According to the company's VA / VE implementation measures: special report to Jia Shoumin and Hu Baoan, reward 500 yuan in cash!

Summarize and commend the advanced team and individuals of the Voluntary Labor Month in February

September and October are at the peak of the company's production and sales. The production tasks and delivery are tight. In order to ensure that the production and delivery are carried out normally, reflecting the company's good tradition of co-ordination and joint responsibility, September and October are designated as logistics departments. "Compulsory Labor Month". After two months of mobilization of full-volunteer labor, most of the personnel in the logistics department showed a good professional appearance with active participation, selfless dedication, and the enthusiasm for striving for upstream. A group of outstanding departments and individuals emerged.

According to statistics, the Ministry of Logistics completed 2245.5 hours of voluntary labor in two months. Among them, the leader of the company ranks first with 119 hours, the sales department ranks second with 112.9 hours, and the logistics department ranks third with 92.5 hours. No matter what kind of voluntary labor is organized, the brothers of company leaders, sales department and logistics department are always at the forefront, especially to all colleagues in the sales department, company leaders, and logistics department! Please ask other departments to learn from the advanced departments!

In September and October, the team ranked first in the cumulative time for compulsory labor, named Sun Zihua, the logistics department, with a total of 182 hours; the second was Liu Shiying, the Ministry of Internal Trade, with a total of 172 hours; the third was Manager Huang Zenglong, with a total of 167. hour. There are also a large number of advanced representatives who have accumulated more than 100 hours of compulsory labor. They are all rooted in the production workshop, whether they are pulling film, cutting film or loading and unloading goods, they can see their figure.

Special report to the above-mentioned advanced labor compulsory departments and advanced individuals for reporting!

Voluntary labor is an important moment to show the consciousness and spiritual outlook of the department and the individual team. Please ask all colleagues to learn from the advanced, look forward to the advanced, and actively participate in the voluntary labor in the future and strive for the advanced!

Award-winning representatives delivered award-winning speeches

Manager Huang Zenglong of the First Department of Domestic Trade, Manager Sun Dongwei of the Second Department of Domestic Trade, and Director Li Guang of the packaging film workshop delivered enthusiastic award-winning speeches. They are all deeply grateful for the company's platform for showing themselves, opportunities for learning and improvement, and the high cooperation of colleagues in various departments. At the same time, they have expressed that they will not be arrogant and restless, make persistent efforts and strive for greater results!

Finally, President Sun made a concluding speech

Mr. Sun first congratulated the team and individuals who received this commendation. The development and growth of Yinfeng can not be separated from the hard work of every Yinfeng family, and hopes that the family can keep up with the advanced, learn from the advanced, and make Yinfeng more brilliant Contribute your strength tomorrow!