Henan Yinfeng Holds Po Film Product Promotion Conference

Recently, in order to further enhance the popularity of Henan Yinfeng po membrane, Yinfeng held a po membrane product promotion meeting in Zhumadian. Dozens of vegetable growers and plastic film distributors from greenhouses around Zhumadian, as well as Xiping, Suiping, Shangcai, Runan, Pingyu, Queshan, Zhengyang, Biyang, Xincai, etc. participated in the meeting.

At the promotion meeting, Yinfeng invited Manager Huang of the Ministry of Internal Trade to explain the characteristics and advantages of Yinfeng po membrane to the participants. The Po greenhouse has enough sunlight, good thermal insulation effect, good performance of mist flowing into water droplets, anti-aging, long service life, and significant economic benefits. Suitable for planting and cultivation of vegetables and colored flowers. Participants spoke highly of Yinfeng po membrane.

The holding of this promotion meeting made the participants know more about Yinfeng po membrane. It is also more effective in promoting the production and marketing of po membranes in Yinfeng and Zhumadian areas, thereby driving further increase and stability of customers.