Yinfeng Plastics 2019 New Year's Day Knowledge Contest and Signing of Target Responsibility Letter

Resign from the old and welcome the new, and welcome New Year's Day! In order to further promote corporate culture, enrich employees' spiritual and cultural activities, improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company's employees, and allow employees to spend a happy and peaceful New Year's Day, the 2019 Knowledge Contest and 2019 Target Responsibility Signing Ceremony are specially held.

The company's chairman Sun Meiju, deputy general manager Zhang Jianzhong and other company leaders, heads of various departments and all employees of the company participated in this event.

Yinfeng Plastics is the "core strategic partner" of the world's top 500 companies "Exxon Mobil" and a perennial contract household of Sinopec and PetroChina. Now has "increasing production" and "Huafeng" two "well-known trademarks in Henan Province." The "increased production brand" and "Huafeng brand" series of plastic film products produced by the company were rated as "High-quality Products in Henan Province", "Henan Famous Brand Products", "Consumer Favorite Products" and "Customer Satisfied Products". The company's good image has also been praised and recognized by consumers and the community. It has been awarded "Excellent Private Enterprise in Henan Province", "High-growth Private Enterprise in Henan Province", and "Top 100 High-tech Enterprise in Henan Province" by the provincial government. Henan Provincial Banking Association was rated as an excellent credit client; it was rated as an import and export enterprise by Zhengzhou Customs.

In 2013, Yinfeng Plastics was selected as the permanent deputy chairman unit by the China Plastics Association Agricultural Film Special Committee. In 2014, the company was again rated as "Henan Provincial Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", and won the "Mayor of Zhoukou City Quality Award"; in 2015, it was rated as "Henan Provincial High-tech Enterprise", and won the honor of "Quality Benchmarking Enterprise" Title, won the honorary certificate of "Henan Province contract and trustworthy enterprise" in 2016. In 2017, it was rated as "Henan Province Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise" by Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department, Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Henan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, Henan Provincial Department of Environmental Protection, Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department For "Henan Province Industrial Brand Cultivation Demonstration Enterprise".

Looking back on the struggle road in the past and looking forward to the new future of Yinfeng! The development of Yinfeng is inseparable from the hard work of all colleagues and the trust and support of customers. In 2019, we will meet opportunities and challenges with a new attitude! Finally, I wish Yinfeng a new height every year and a new look every day!