Henan Yinfeng held internal product knowledge training

In an era of fierce market competition, products are the core of enterprise survival and development. In order to improve the awareness and professionalization of Henan Yinfeng products, our partners can provide more professional, efficient and systematic services to market customers.

On the afternoon of March 28, Henan Yinfeng held an internal product knowledge training meeting. The keynote speakers of this training meeting were Mr. Chen, Mr. Bean and Li Yongbo from the company's technical department. They were very responsible and fully prepared the materials in advance. The on-site courseware was elaborated around the Henan Yinfeng series product system. The workshop production situation, the advantages and precautions of high-quality po membranes, the company's various products in the market case, the order to start the factory and other aspects of the explanation, rich in content, full of dry goods.

At the training meeting, the little friends listened carefully, the enthusiasm for learning was high, they spoke actively, exchanged and discussed, studied together, and actively answered questions, which deepened the understanding of Henan Yinfeng series products more comprehensively. They are also communicating to improve their knowledge of products and sell more products.

Adapt to changes in the market, enhance competitive advantage, cultivate the reserve forces of enterprises, and maintain the vitality of enterprises to continue to operate. At the same time, through unscheduled various types of knowledge training, every employee always keeps a good learning spirit. Only in this way can the enterprise maintain its youthful vitality and endless life.