Henan Yinfeng made a wonderful appearance at the 13th Henan International Investment Fair

On April 8, the 13th China (Henan) International Investment and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the CIFIT) opened in Zhengzhou. Henan Yinfeng made a wonderful appearance at the CIFIT and gathered with merchants and guests from all over the world on the shore of Ruyi Lake in Zhengzhou To discuss open cooperation and seek open opportunities.

More than 40 provincial governors, ambassadors and embassy officials in 88 countries and regions, as well as representatives of international organizations attended, more than 170 executives of top 500 domestic and foreign enterprises and a group of multinational companies, leading industry executives, more than 90 He is the president of well-known business associations at home and abroad, the head of trade and investment promotion institutions, 43 domestic and foreign academicians, university presidents, and well-known experts and scholars.

On the morning of the opening ceremony, a series of new products such as grape special film, potato special film, watermelon special film, weeding film, anti-fog film, long-acting drip film, etc. independently developed by the company at the Yinfeng plastic booth attracted many customers to come. Ask about it.

In terms of packaging film, the company has been committed to the research and development of high-barrier film series products. "A multi-layer composite functional plastic wrap" has been granted an invention patent authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. Since the company's new series of composite packaging film products have been put on the market, they have been sold throughout the country and are widely used in the fields of construction, aviation, medicine, electronics, beverages, instant noodles, and more. A dozen countries including Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, and Japan.

The product types and research results of Yinfeng Plastics surprised the merchants! Full confidence in the future market development of Yinfeng Plastics.