Henan Yinfeng successfully participated in the 2019 American International Hardware Show

On May 8, 2019, the 2019 American International Hardware Show was grandly held in Las Vegas, USA. If our company is invited to participate in the exhibition, the main products displayed are: po film, water transfer belt, small packaging film, easy to tear film and other products.

At the exhibition, the exhibited products attracted many visitors to stop and observe. In the process of communication, our company's products won high recognition in the market.

This exhibition Yinfeng mainly focuses on broadening horizons, understanding the market, making friends, exchanges and cooperation. Make full use of this exhibition opportunity to communicate, communicate and negotiate with customers and distributors who have come to visit, which has further improved the popularity and influence of Yinfeng Plastics brand, and at the same time further understood the new market in the field of agricultural film and packaging film . It has laid a solid foundation for perfecting its own product structure and exploring the market.

We will continue to work hard to let more people know about us-Yinfeng Plastics.