French customers visit Yinfeng Plastics

In recent years, with the widespread promotion and use of Yinfeng Plastics products in domestic and foreign markets, Yinfeng Plastics' good reputation has also been continuously recognized by the market. Thus attracted many customers to visit the Henan Yinfeng Plastic Manufacturing Base. In the middle of May, accompanied by Pan Yanan, the group's business elite, the French client and customer visited the film production and packaging film workshop of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Factory, and observed the production line operation and film synthesis on site.

This visit to the French customers is to find film products that can meet their own conditions. Under the arrangement of business personnel, as soon as the customer arrived at the factory, he arranged to enter the company's conference room for a discussion. In order for customers to have a thorough understanding of the product, the Minister of Henan Yinfeng Plastic Dou personally received the customer and organized professionals from relevant departments to participate in the symposium. At the symposium, Mr. Dou explained the development history of the group and Yinfeng plastic tablets The production development status and market vision of the membrane, professional R & D personnel, research department managers, etc. made timely and detailed answers to the questions raised by customers. After the meeting, Mr. Dou led his customers to the factory's production workshop to have an in-depth understanding of the product's production process, testing process, production equipment, and finished products. After visiting the production line, the two parties discussed how to jointly develop the French market in the future, and the customers expressed their wish to cooperate with Yinfeng in the later stage.

Yinfeng Plastic closely relies on technological innovation and takes the road of technology development. In the future, Yinfeng Plastics will also create high-quality packaging film and agricultural film products for global customers. France is a country with huge market development space. This customer visit will also lay a good foundation for the company to understand the French market and develop the French market. The French market development will also make a positive contribution to the company's development.