Yinfeng Plastics held a technical competition

Recently, Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. revolves around the theme of "improving quality and innovation". Carried out the sales skill promotion of "Drilling Marketing Skills, Striving for First-class, and Talented Jobs" in 2019.

In the preliminary preparation stage, the company's e-commerce department manager and sales manager formed a jury panel to determine the assessment content and determine the location of the competition. This technical competition 7.31 to 8.2 is the respective inquiry time, and a full staff meeting will be held in the conference room at two o'clock in the afternoon on August 2. Everyone explains how to find their own situation. A total of seven colleagues participated in the competition. The judges of the competition team uphold the principles of fairness and justice and strict requirements to evaluate the participants, and finally formed the competition results of the participants.

Through this post skill competition, participants have improved their professional skills and laid a solid foundation for their daily work.