Henan Yinfeng held an advanced commendation meeting in July

According to the sales analysis in July 2019, the sales department continued to improve the market management system in accordance with the company's transformation requirements, focused on expanding the market sales channels, and solidly promoting market sales, and achieved good results. In order to affirm the results, establish a model, and further encourage the morale of the sales team, after the company's research and decision, it commended the departments and individuals that achieved outstanding profits in July.

The commendation meeting was presided over by Deputy General Manager Sun Dongsheng, who stated that “Henan Yinfeng Plastics Co., Ltd. ’s July Advanced Commendation Meeting is a grand event for Henan Yinfeng in 2019. Looking back on the past six months of Yinfeng, colleagues’ rapid development The process has played a decisive role. The chairman often said that employees are the cornerstone and guarantee of Yinfeng ’s development and the greatest wealth of Yinfeng Plastics. Today we are gathered here to commend advanced, motivate morale, encourage motivation and mobilize colleagues Emancipate the mind, advance with the times, work hard together, work solidly, and comprehensively promote the completion of the target task of Henan Yinfeng in the second half of the year. "

General Manager Chen Zhenfu read out the list of sales award-winning departments and individuals.

The first prize in the department award: e-commerce 2000 yuan

Personal reward: Sun Dongwei 500 yuan; Zhao Bin 200 yuan

Drip irrigation belt ranking award: Jiao Hongwei 500 yuan

Granulation workshop: 1,000 yuan, packaging film workshop: 500 yuan

Agricultural film workshop: Shen Dawei, packaging film workshop: Cao Yanhong, functional film workshop: Liu Dongwei, color printing bag workshop: Xia Yan, drip irrigation belt workshop: Tian Zhenqi

Internal staff introduction staff reward: three people at the first time point: 400 yuan

A total of one person at the second time to the time node: a total of 300 yuan

The workshop of the Finance Department morning meeting PK won the award for the award: Yan Dongsheng accounted for the first Zhang Rui award

Prize: 2 fine towels

Awarded by Yan Dongsheng as the second place Liu Xin

Prize: 1 fine towel

Wang Minren, the granulation workshop, gave an award speech

In the end, Sun Dong said that this evaluation and commendation activity is Henan Yinfeng, which will further enhance the enrichment of employee activities and enhance the work efficiency of employees, play an exemplary role of employee pioneers for the development of Henan Yinfeng, and promote better development of the enterprise.