Henan Yinfeng Plastic Shangqiu Product Promotion Conference Held Successfully

Henan Yinfeng Plastic Shangqiu Product Promotion Conference was successfully held on August 28, 2019. Henan Yinfeng Plastics promoted key products to customers in Shangqiu market. This promotion conference was mainly led by Huang Manager of the Ministry of Internal Trade and Minister Dou of the Technology Department.

At the beginning of the promotion meeting, Manager Huang of the Ministry of Internal Trade explained the EVA, PO film and other products of Yinfeng Plastics to the participants. In 2014, Henan Yinfeng declared the registration of the "Jinpu" series of film trademarks. In 2014, it independently developed a three-layer co-extruded high-insulation and conversion-increasing PO film. Jinpu High Insulation PO Film and Crystal PO Film are made of metallocene resin with high transparency and strength provided by ExxonMobil, a Fortune 500 company. They are made by advanced processes such as multi-layer co-extrusion and inner coating. Long service life, life-long droplet demisting performance; according to the difference of EVA and hydrotalcite thermal insulation material content, it is divided into high thermal insulation PO film and crystal PO film. It has been loved by the market for many years and is exported to Western Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, etc., with annual sales of several thousand tons.

EVA film was independently developed by Yinfeng in 2015, and obtained the patent right of this project. The Huafeng brand polyethylene (PE) three-layer coextruded long-life flow defogging EVA insulation greenhouse film is made of metallocene provided by ExxonMobil, and added with EVA insulation resin and flow defogging and other functional additives. It has the characteristics of long service life, long-lasting defogging, good thermal insulation effect and high light transmittance. Products are sold to more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Canada, Spain, Brazil and other countries.

The holding of this promotion meeting made the participants know more about Yinfeng po film and EVA film. It is also more effective in promoting the production and sales development of the Yinfeng and Shangqiu markets, thereby driving further increase and stability of customers.