Henan Yinfeng holds 2019 partner symposium

At 6:30 pm on September 24, Henan Yinfeng Plastics held a 2019 partner forum in Huaiyang, Zhoukou. More than 60 partners from all over the country, upstream and downstream customers gathered together to discuss friendship, discuss market trends, and analyze market forms. Research the marketing of PE film, greenhouse film, culture film, etc. Explore the supply of raw materials such as polyethylene and LDPE. To discuss cooperation and seek common development.

The choir formed by the representatives of Yinfeng Plastic employees played the inspirational song "We Yinfeng has Power" --- they are loyal and passionate, weaving good hope, and added hard work and ambition to the whole scene.

After a period of time when our Yinfeng had power, it ignited the audience.

Ms. Sun Meiju, Chairman of Yinfeng Plastics, gave a welcome speech on behalf of all employees of Yinfeng Plastics. Mr. Sun first expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests who came to this event. General Manager Sun said: Yinfeng Plastic will continue to serve every customer with a "professional, rigorous and efficient service spirit." And said that it will continue Yinfeng Plastic will continue to proceed from customer needs and target customer satisfaction.

Confucius, the old man, said, "A friend comes from afar and has fun". Today, Yinfeng Plastics has the business philosophy of "customer-centric, pragmatic and honest management".

Since ancient times, the true wine is matched with wine, and the management of Mr. Sun and Yinfeng Plastics holds the fragrant wine, expressing the welcome and gratitude of Yinfeng Plastics to the audience, Henan Yinfeng, thank you for your company!

Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise with agricultural film and packaging film as the leading products. It is a designated manufacturer of agricultural film in the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Water Resources. Banking Association AAA credit client, excellent private enterprise in Henan Province, ExxonMobil China's core strategic partner of Fortune 500 companies.

On the morning of the 25th, Mr. Sun and the management of Yinfeng Plastics led their partners to visit Yinfeng Plastics' agricultural film, packaging film, color printing and other workshops. In the afternoon, all partners are invited to visit Taihao Fuxi Ling, a place of interest in Huaiyang.