Henan Yinfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. held the September sales performance commendation meeting

According to the sales analysis in September 2019, the sales department continued to improve the market management system in accordance with the company's transformation requirements, focused on expanding the market sales channels, and solidly promoting market sales, and achieved good results. In order to affirm the achievements, establish a model, and further encourage the morale of the sales team, after the company's research and decision, it commended the departments and individuals that achieved outstanding profits in September:

Sun Dongsheng deputy general manager read out the list of award-winning departments and individuals

The first prize of the department award The Ministry of Foreign Trade Award cash 2,000 yuan

Department rewards second place e-commerce reward cash 1,000 yuan

First place in sales profit contribution award

Sun Dongwei, Ministry of Internal Trade II, reward cash 500 yuan

Second place in sales profit contribution award

Zhao Bin, Ministry of Internal Trade II, reward cash 200 yuan

Yang Chunqiu, the first domestic trader, rewards 1,000 yuan in cash

Second place, Jiao Hongwei, domestic trade one, cash prize of 500 yuan

Subsequently, General Manager Chen Zhenfu read out the report on the comprehensive completion rate of the task in September

First prize color printing workshop: cash prize of 1,000 yuan

Second prize granulation workshop: reward 500 yuan in cash

A total of three people from the first time to the time node: a total of 300 yuan

A total of two people to the time node for the second time: a total of 200 yuan

Finally, Dong Sun affirmed the production and sales of each department and the specific work, summed up the specific practices and experiences of the workshops with outstanding performance in mid-September, analyzed the current market situation in detail, and encouraged all employees Give full play to the strength of the team, improve their ability and work level, recognize the situation, strengthen their confidence, and achieve company performance to a new level in October.