Yinfeng Plastics completes onboarding training for new employees in 2020

To help new employees quickly enter their roles, integrate into the corporate environment, and clarify job responsibilities, Yinfeng Plastics Co., Ltd. conducted a one-day induction training for new employees on March 5. In this training, the leaders of the company's technical department were specially invited as training instructors, taking a centralized teaching method, focusing on detailed explanations of professional skills, safety production and other knowledge, so that new employees have a new understanding of the company's work They quickly laid a solid foundation for working.

After the training, the company leaders conducted in-depth communication with each new employee, comprehensively understood everyone's life status and career plan, and also put forward strict requirements. The new employees spoke enthusiastically and expressed that they would adapt to the new working environment as soon as possible, familiarize themselves with the new work process, give full play to their personal talents, and strive to contribute to the company's development at an early date.