Zhoukou’sNPC delegation visited Yinfeng plastic to investigate and research

The research team that is made up of NPC delegation in huaiyang visited yinfeng plastic to investigate and research. The teamis mainly focused on the development thatyinfeng is the national advanced plastic film production enterprises, and they visitedand understood the research progress of the company in the field of plastic films and achievements. Chen zhenfu, who is a deputy general manager in Yinfeng plastic, and other relevant officialsare warmly received the representative of the municipal people's congress and held a cordial conversation.
During the investigation, the delegation visits to the production base in Yinfeng plastic. They expressed strong interest in the new generation of products through independent research and development, and they were to be sure of the development strategy in deep drilling core technology research.
Through this research,people's congress in Zhoukou city were consistent affirmative yinfeng’sperformance and development model. It is expected that Yinfeng plastic can give full play to its various advantages, drive the transformation and upgrading of henan plastic film products, and promote this industry’s development healthy and stablyas the representative of its own national brand.、
It is learned that Yinfeng plastic isa leading supplier of plastic products in henan province. Its main products are agricultural film, greenhouse film, drip irrigation belt, membrane, warning tape. It sticks to research and innovate on its own,and it is committed to make the products more reliable and more environmentally friendly.